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Whale Watching in Guerrero Negro

You can see the great grey whales in a natural and protected environment at the Guerrero Negro Lagoon and the Scammon’s Lagoon (Laguna Ojo de Liebre). Right here you will find the largest number of these mammals in the entire world.

Don’t miss the opportunity of getting in touch with the whale calves!

Tips for Whale Watching

Binoculars can help provide more detailed observations for behaviors. When viewing whales from land, 10×50 wide-angle binoculars are best. From boats or airplanes, use 8×40 or 7×50 binoculars instead.

Always take precautions to protect your skin from the sun. Use a waterproof sunblock that has a sun protection Factor of 30 (SPF 30). A visor or hat and UV blocking sunglasses will make viewing more pleasant.

To avoid sea sickness take at least 30 minutes before a trip a non-medicated alternative as crackers, dry bread, papaya or ginger. If thirsty, sip on carbonated beverages and avoid alcohol.

Take great photos of the whales in Guerrero Negro…

  • Set your shutter speed for 1/500th of a second or faster to freeze the movement of the whale, and minimize motion effects of the vessel, ocean, or your body.
  • Ensure the horizon is level in the viewfinder.
  • Hold the camera steady. Depress the shutter release slowly.
  • Do not follow the whale through its movements with the camera as this will blur the image.
  • Use print or slide film with ASA of 100 or greater.
  • Avoid excessive zooming if using video or movie cameras to film whales – this will only accentuate the motion of the vessel or aircraft. You may severely damage a video camera (and your eyes) by filming directly into bright, glaring sunlight.